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I Heart Revolution Cookie Eyeshadow Palettes $10.00

Brand Description:

Cookies are always a good idea… so fill your jar up with I Heart Revolution Cookie Collection! Each cookie is packed full of 9 super sweet matte and shimmery eyeshadow shades for high payoff pigments in every bit, ready to create your delicious eye looks. Plus get some sweet, soft and gooey satisfaction with the 3D squishy palette packaging, all wrapped up in a super cute cookie bag! MMMMM Cookie!

Treat yourself to 4 colour-ways:

  • I Heart Revolution Birthday Cake Cookie Palette – Soft pinks and neutrals
  • I Heart Revolution Triple Chocolate Cookie Palette – Chocolate and caramel browns
  • I Heart Revolution Chocolate Chip Cookie Palette – Neutrals, deep and olives
  • I Heart Revolution Red Velvet Cookie Palette – Reds, burgundies and warm browns.

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