What Makeup Colors Currently Scare (or Used to Scare) the Living Crap Out of You?

Seeing scarlet!

Right now, nothing makeup-wise really scares me, and I’ll try any color — lip, cheek, eyeshadow, whatever. I’ll try it at least once… Black lipstick, red eyeshadow, you name it, I’ll give it a go, but I do have to say that red eyeshadow was absolutely terrifying when I first started using it. There were many, many failed attempts, and more than once I ended up looking like a I had been crying for weeks! It took me a while to figure out a few tricks to make it work (layering it with a bronze liner, or wearing a black pencil on the waterline really helps).

Now I’m more comfortable with it and feel like I can kinda-sorta pull it off.

That said, is red eyeshadow my first choice for colorful eyes? No. It is not. Gimme a jeweled purple or blue any day! But I do at least feel like I kinda-sorta know what to do with red.

How about you? What makeup colors currently scare (or used to scare) the living crap out of you?

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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